Withdrawal from the citizenship of Azerbaijan Republic

Required documents for withdrawal from the citizenship of Azerbaijan Republic:
  • application form (biography);
  • 4 photos (3x4cm);
  • reference from the place of residence on family composition;
  • application form addressed to the President of Azerbaijan Republic;
  • relevant documents on absence of unaccomplished obligations to the government or property obligations related to interests of physical and legal entity in the Republic of Azerbaijan. (the list is approved by the Presidential Commission on Citizenship Issues);
    1. from Ministry of Justice- on alimony;
    2. from Central Bank– on credits and loan;
    3. from Communal Services Department - reference on not having debts for communal services;
    4. from Interstate phone station – on not having debts for calls;
    5. from Regional tax department - on taxes;
    6. from Regional military commissariat – on being free from military service.
  • receipt for paid state duty

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